Technology for Tackling Dementia
[On-Site Report]
This episode explores how exercise and VR technology may both play a key role in dealing with and preventing dementia, which is expected to affect 20% of Japan's elderly population by 2025.

[In Depth: 20 Years of China in WTO]
20 years have passed since China joined the World Trade Organization, which made it the top player in global trade and the second biggest economy. We look at how membership in the WTO transformed China, and the debate on whether it follows international trade rules.

[Global Trends: Israel's Tech World Seeks Gender Balance]
Countries around the world are working to improve gender balance in their work forces. Israel sees the tech field as key to growing its economy. That is why it is training girls in computer sciences and supporting startups run by women.

On-Site Report

Junior high school students use virtual reality technology to experience what it is like to take care of dementia patients
Specially designed stationary bicycles provide a fun way to prevent dementia by combining physical exercise with cognitive games and puzzles

Global Trends

The founder of a medical startup in Israel says the gender balance among her staff is getting the company a lot of attention
An education startup is preparing the next generation of workers by teaching teenage girls programming