Capturing and Reusing CO2
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This episode explores some of the innovative ways Japanese companies are striving to eliminate greenhouse gasses. One company has developed a CO2-absorbing cement and another has created an advanced incinerator system that can capture nearly all of the CO2 it emits and distribute it for reuse.

[In Depth: Oil Prices Face Bumpy Road Ahead]
It's been a wild ride for oil prices over the past few days. They had been hovering around a 7-year high before being rocked by sudden volatility. We look at the major events that moved the market and what to expect going forward.

[Global Trends: Lush Prospects for Amazon Agroforestry]
The loss of the Amazon rainforest is one of the factors contributing to global warming. Now, a different type of agriculture can help both farmers and the forest thrive amid efforts to decarbonize.

On-Site Report

The products shown above are made from a special CO2-absorbent concrete
These cucumbers were grown in a greenhouse that makes use of CO2 and heat sent from a nearby waste incineration plant

Global Trends

Agroforestry is a farming method that grows a mix of crops such as cacao and acai with other plants, leading to reforestation while reducing the risk of farmland being devastated
To offset the higher labor costs that come with agroforestry, a local cooperative has started selling carbon credits to global firms like Microsoft