Exploring New Possibilities for Chatbots
[On-Site Report]
This episode features an interview with Tsunagawa Akemi, CEO of Bespoke. Comprised mostly of foreign staff, the company made a name for itself by creating a useful multilingual chat system designed to support international travelers in Japan. However, when the pandemic hit, the company was forced to search for a different use for its chatbot system. Tsunagawa explains how she was able to re-purpose her company's technology to fight the very virus that put her business in jeopardy.

[In Depth: COP26 Remains Work in Progress]
Leaders and delegates from around the world have gathered for what's regarded as the most important meeting on the climate to date. We look at what's coming out of COP26 and whether it might be enough to affect the course of global warming.

[Global Trends: Vegan Leather Hits the Fashion Runway]
Concern about environmental impact and animal welfare has brought changes to the fashion industry. Innovations from the plant world have resulted in leather substitutes from some unusual sources.

On-Site Report

This is how the company's chatbot appears to users arriving at Tokyo's Haneda Airport
In order to provide the best multilingual services possible, the company has hired staff from all around the world

Global Trends

Mushroom-based leather was used to create this biker jacket shown at Paris Fashion Week
Pineapple plant leaves that used to be discarded are the main ingredient of this alternative leather material