Making Startup Dreams a Reality
[On-Site Report]
A technical support facility created by a small Tokyo-based manufacturer is offering a new type of service for startups. It assists businesses that have ideas for new products, but lack the skills or equipment to turn them into a reality on their own. This episode shows what is possible when innovative ideas are placed in the hands of an experienced manufacturer.

[In Depth: Rising Material Costs a Dilemma for Japan Inc.]
An upsurge in consumer demand is pushing up prices around the globe. And while that's causing concern about inflation in some countries, Japan is still worried about deflation. We look at how soaring material costs are weighing on the economy.

[Global Trends: France's Fresh View on Public Transport]
We travel to northeastern France to check out a new concept in urban transport. It was developed by a group of engineering students who were given the task to create a system that's both low cost and environmentally sound.

On-Site Report

An engineer points to a component on an electric wheelchair that a client company needed help with
Manufacturing experts examine the prototype of an ice cream machine that a client company brought in to have checked for design flaws

Global Trends

UrbanLoop capsules on a test track in France
Students behind the project to develop the new urban transport system