New Advances in Eldercare
[On-Site Report]
Advances in technology are bringing a new wave of products to the eldercare industry. This episode features a wearable device that signals when users need to go to the restroom and a conversational robot designed to engage users in witty conversation.

[In Depth: Japan Economy Shrinks While US, China Grow]
The Japanese economy is in a slump, and the weakness is expected to continue as some coronavirus measures remain in place. In stark contrast, some other major economies are bouncing back as they accelerate reopening. We look at the factors behind this difference.

[Global Trends: France Extends the Lifespan of Home Appliances]
In France, one of the byproducts of the pandemic was the growing popularity of DIY repairs of home appliances. We have a report on how this innovation has become part of the country's drive to create a more sustainable society.

On-Site Report

This robot was specifically designed to entertain and engage the elderly through music, conversation and games
A wearable device placed on the lower abdomen detects when the bladder is full and alerts the user or a caregiver when it is time for them to use the restroom

Global Trends

Sales at a company that offers online help with home-appliance repairs jumped 250% at the start of France's lockdown
A company that focuses on easy-to-fix products says any of the 6 million parts in this warehouse can be shipped worldwide within a few days