Virtual Lessons Save Cooking School
[On-Site Report]
"YUCa's Japanese Cooking," is a Tokyo-based cooking class that became popular among foreign tourists as it gave them the opportunity to learn to cook traditional home-style dishes in the kitchen of a real Japanese home. At its peak, the class saw as many as 120 students per month. However, that number suddenly dropped to zero in 2020 when the pandemic hit. In response, the instructor decided to take her lessons online. This shift has allowed her to reach a much broader audience as well as to introduce more complicated and time-consuming dishes to her students.

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Since a powerful earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern Japan 10 years ago, there has been a massive rebuilding effort. But with many of the major projects nearly completed, people in the region are looking for new ways to revitalize the economy.

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The era of work from home has made a move to suburbs a more attractive option for many city dwellers. NHK WORLD-JAPAN's Sam Suzuki reports from New York on people who are choosing to leave the bright lights behind.

On-Site Report

Students from all over the world join an on-line cooking class to learn how to cook ramen
After taking her cooking lessons online, Yuca's kitchen now serves as a broadcast studio

Global Trends

Rents in New York City have seen a steady decline since the coronavirus pandemic started last year
More New Yorkers are moving to the suburbs, heating up the real estate market in the area