Wearables Tackle Health and Safety
[On-Site Report]
Wearable devices are now expanding into safety and healthcare applications. A Kyoto-based company has created undershirts that can measure and display core body temperature, pulse and other biometric data. Construction businesses are using them to help prevent heat exhaustion and other health risks by monitoring their workers' biometric data and as Japan's elderly population increases, some local governments are using the technology to keep an eye on the health of senior citizens.

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On-Site Report

Wearable devices like this are used to gather and transmit biodata such as body temperature and heart rate
Sensor-equipped underwear allows for real-time health monitoring of infants, adults working in demanding conditions and the elderly

Global Trends

A race car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells is being developed with the hopes of entering it in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race
The need for fast pit stops is forcing engineers to come up with ways to change hydrogen cars quickly, which will one day benefit consumer models