Japan Looks to Hydrogen Energy
[On-Site Report]
The Japanese government has recently pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050. Experts say that hydrogen will be one of the keys to achieving this goal. This episode features a company in northern Japan that is using cow manure to produce hydrogen, and a local government project that is providing local businesses with electricity that was generated using hydrogen produced from plastic waste.

[In Depth: Companies Pitch for Future at Virtual CES]
CES, the world's largest tech trade show, moved completely online due to the coronavirus. The breathtaking innovations unveiled at the event indicate that companies are thinking about how we live and work during the pandemic.

[Global Trends: A Walk in the Digital Forest]
Japan is leading in the new field of health care known as "forest therapy." Specially-trained guides show stressed-out people how to best absorb nature. For those who cannot make it to the forest, a digital version is available in the form of an immersive theater experience.

On-Site Report

Hydrogen produced from cow manure is being made available as an alternative fuel source
This hotel is using hydrogen-generated electricity provided by a municipal government project

Global Trends

A high-tech "digital forest" has been created in Japan as forest therapy emerges as a new field of health care
People on a forest therapy retreat learn to appreciate the fine details of nature as they reduce stress and give their immune systems a boost