Getting More from Biowaste
[On-Site Report]
This episode features Japanese companies that are extracting useful materials from bio-waste products. One company has found a way to extract hydroxyapatite (a key ingredient in making toothpaste and cosmetics) from eggshells, and another is turning corncobs and other biowaste into biofuel. This week's On-Site Report shows how advances in recycling technology are leading to a more circular society.

[Global Trends: Singapore Sees Macro Solution from Micro-Farming]
Concerns about health and the environment are driving the development of protein alternatives around the world. Singapore is among the countries making strides in creating food options that don't rely on livestock or vast tracts of land. We visit a company that's making what it calls "urban protein" and putting it into dishes like crab cakes, and another that is producing milk without dairy cattle. With support from the government, the small island state aims to show the world that even a little bit of land can go a long way.

On-Site Report

A lab worker processes hydroxyapatite extracted from eggshells
Biofuel created entirely from woodchips

Global Trends

Crab cakes made with "urban protein" developed by a Singapore startup
A lab technician prepares the protein substitute