Japan's Germ-Fighting Tech
[On-Site Report]
As the battle continues against COVID-19, advances in antimicrobial and disinfectant treatments are receiving more attention than ever. This episode highlights Japanese efforts to fight against microscopic threats by featuring a special antimicrobial coating that was originally designed to protect precious ancient artifacts and artwork as well as the first safe-for-human UV light that effectively inactivates COVID-19.

[In Depth: Virus May Hasten "Last Train" Call in Japan]
Japan's rail network has long been associated with the country's economic growth. But the pandemic has dramatically changed commuting habits and the way people socialize. That's prompting train operators to consider changing their schedules to adapt to the changing times.

[World Perspective: Brazilian City Keeps Spending in the Community]
The coronavirus has reduced incomes and drastically cut retailers' earnings around the world. A city in Brazil is trying to keep the economic damage to a minimum with the help of a basic income scheme that started before the pandemic. Marica, outside Rio de Janeiro, is distributing subsidies to lower-income households in the form of a digital currency that can only be spent locally. We see how this achieves the dual objectives of helping the neediest and keeping money circulating within the community.

On-Site Report

The interior of a home is sprayed with an antimicrobial coating derived from treatments used to protect artwork and antiques
This microbe-killing UV light is the first in the world that is safe for humans

World Perspective

The e-money card that provides subsidies to citizens of the Brazilian city of Marica
A customer makes a payment using the card at a shop in Marica