Saving Performing Arts from COVID-19
[On-Site Report]
With most events canceled and little to no support from the government, Japan's performing arts industry has been hit extremely hard by the health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus. As the debate over the importance of live theater and music continues, many artists and organizations are now attempting to take their acts online. This episode shows how live entertainment here is adapting as the performing arts world struggles for survival during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[World Perspective]
Indonesia's healthcare system is struggling under the pressure of COVID-19. The country has recorded the most deaths from the virus in Southeast Asia and the number of infections has now surpassed 20,000. Medical staff are finding it increasingly difficult to get the personal protective equipment, or PPE, they need. A call to make sure workers don't go unprotected has been answered by companies of all sizes. We visit a men's tailor that started making hospital gowns and a textile giant that may turn PPE into one of its mainline businesses.

On-Site Report

A Japanese "idol" pop group films a live concert with no fans present
This app lets fans buy tickets to view live concerts on their smartphones (The hashtag reads, "don't stop live performances")

World Perspective

An Indonesian factory worker sews protective gear
Staffs at a tailor shop in Jakarta model medical gowns