Old Age Inspires New Business in Japan
[On-Site Report]
With an average life expectancy of 84.2 years, Japan's population is living longer than almost any other country in the world. The market for consumers over the age of 65 is now worth nearly 900 billion dollars. Today's episode introduces a major shopping mall which is catering to this market by opening its doors at 7am to let old people in the neighborhood use its facilities for walking and group exercise classes. We also feature a special travel service that provides the extra care and support needed for older customers with disabilities to be able to take local excursions or even go on a "final dream trip."

[Global Trends]
People around the world are discovering Japan is not as expensive a tourist destination as many had thought. In fact, Japan can be quite cheap. Many people are coming to the country to take part in experiences ranging from a good bowl of ramen to traditional crafts, with a price tag that won't break the bank. Thailand's rapidly growing middle class is deeply interested in Japan and its culture, and now has the disposable income to visit, and come back often. We take a look at businesses in Japan reaching out to Southeast Asian tourists.

On-Site Report

Local seniors join in a free exercise session offered at a shopping mall specially designed for the elderly
A professional "travel helper" assists an elderly customer as she visits a shrine to offer prayers for the new year

Global Trends

A tour guide for visitors from Thailand explains a restaurant in Japan, where prices are lower than what they are used to at home
Premium dishes like this wagyu beef ramen appeal to foreign visitors to Japan, who are happy with the high quality and reasonable prices