New Tech Helps Construction Industry
[On-Site Report]
With the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics set to commence in Tokyo later this year, Japan's construction industry is being pushed to its limits. A national labor shortage is adding to the challenge, so construction companies are now turning to technology to maximize efficiency. From smart excavators that can be operated by almost anyone, to MR (mixed reality) goggles that can display construction plans on demand, this episode introduces some of the cutting-edge technology that is being used to help make up for a lack of man-power at major construction sites in Japan.

[Global Trends]
Many tech companies have a bad reputation for sustainability due to the short lifespans of their products and a lack of recycling. But there's a lesser-known contributor to environmental waste in the industry -- the printed circuit board that's at the core of our electronics gadgets. Making it produces a vast amount of toxic material that needs to be processed. We visit a Tokyo startup that's helping to tackle the problem. It has developed a more eco-friendly way to manufacture the key component.

On-Site Report

By entering directions in advance, semi-autonomous excavators can be operated by people with little or no actual experience
Co-workers use MR (mixed reality) goggles to look over a 3D map

Global Trends

Inkjet printer used in eco-friendly manufacturing method
Printed circuit board made by a Tokyo startup