Surviving in Japan's Restaurant Industry
[On-Site Report]
Despite having a massive food service industry, running a restaurant in Japan is anything but easy. With a high level of competition and extremely picky consumers, 70% of all restaurants go out of business within 3 years of opening. With a labor shortage and increased competition from takeout-based food businesses, the market isn't getting any easy for entrepreneurs to enter. This episode features a business that is helping restaurants to make ends meet by renting out their floor space to other restaurants during their down times and a unique restaurant that features a rotation of individual chefs that share the restaurant's top-notch location and staff as they strive to find success.

[World Perspective]
The business of legal marijuana has been growing around the world, and the trend has now even reached Thailand. The country has long had severe punishments for possession and use of the drug. But this year it's become the first Southeast Asian nation to legalize medical cannabis. The move could make it a big player in the business, but some believe the government is moving too fast. We take a look at the issue and what it could mean for the country.

On-Site Report

A chef who pays to use a restaurant's floor space during its off hours greets his customers
Fried chicken is one of his signature dishes
The manager of a shared cooking space restaurant goes over menu items with one of the several chefs who work there

World Perspective

Bottles of cannabis oil for medical use produced at a hospital in Thailand