Social Impact -- The New Startup Buzzword
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When it comes to startups, the key words are no longer just "innovative" or "profitable." The newest trend for companies hoping to draw investors is now "social impact." If a new company wants to compete, it doesn't just have to show how it will benefit investors, it now needs to show how it will benefit society. One company is hoping to help revitalize local wood-related business across the country by providing a software solution that allows almost anyone to create furniture and even wood construction materials on their own through 3-D printing. Another business venture is looking to use "super larva" to help create a healthier and more efficient food cycle that may help put a dent in the world's food supply problems. This episode will show you how some companies' business models rely on having a positive impact on society.

[World Perspective]
Ties between the US and China are under strain as simmering disputes threaten to upend relations. The 2 sides have been locked in a bitter trade war. The situation has been exasperated by tensions over protests in Hong Kong and US arms sales to Taiwan. What's behind the disputes, and what do they mean for the future of ties between the US and China? We ask renowned expert on East Asia, Ezra Vogel. We hear his insights on how the issues have developed, and what impact they will have on the US-China relationship going forward.

On-Site Report

Akiyoshi Koki developed 3-D cutting software that allows almost anyone to create wooden products
A small guesthouse made using a digital cutting system
Founder and CEO Ayano Ryugo's startup raises and sells genetically modified fly larva

World Perspective

Ezra Vogel, renowned Harvard University professor, has written many influential works analyzing East Asia