Bringing New Life to Japan's Farmlands
[On-Site Report]
Over the last 20 years, the number of farmers in Japan has dropped over 50% to less than 2 million. In order to prevent the number from declining further, some farms are now trying to attract a new generation of farmers by focusing on the increasing popularity of organic produce. This episode features one business that has developed a smartphone app that allows urban consumers a chance to virtually participate in the cultivation process of the produce they order. We will also introduce you to a unique farm that markets its organic tomatoes based on sweetness level. With sales soaring, it has been able to bring new life to unused farmlands and draw in new workers.

[World Perspective]
Malaysia announced in May that it would be sending 3,000 tons of plastic waste back to the countries it came from. This month, a BIZ STREAM crew visited the country and found that despite the government taking a tougher stance, Malaysia has become a leading destination for the world trash. We take a look at why plastic waste doesn't stop pouring in from industrialized countries.

On-Site Report

Farmers connect directly with their customers via a smartphone app which turns the ordering process into an interactive experience
A farmer shows a rich organic fertilizer made from 20 different ingredients that is used for growing tomatoes
Specially grown tomatoes that contain much higher levels of sugar than standard tomatoes

World Perspective

Containers described as carrying "material for recycling" are actually full of unwashed plastic waste that is only fit to be thrown away