Small Factories, Big Innovation
[On-Site Report]
This month, Japan will host the G20 Summit in Osaka. The country's 3rd largest city has a reputation for its shrewd merchants and wacky comedians, but just east of the city you will find the manufacturing town of Higashi Osaka. Known for both quality and innovation, the area's 6,000 small factories are mostly independently owned. One maker there has developed a unique faucet nozzle which can reduce water usage by 95%. Another company has made a business out of connecting other businesses in the area to help facilitate further innovation and better service. This episode will show you why Higashi Osaka is one of Japan's most exciting and innovative manufacturing areas.

[Global Trends]
This rise of social media has fueled the popularity of so-called "influencers" - bloggers who post their reviews of products and services online. From restaurants in Thailand to a sneaker maker in Japan, an increasing number of businesses in Asia are seeing these independent voices as a viable alternative to traditional advertising when trying to connect with customers.

On-Site Report

By aerating the water flow, this nozzle can reduce water usage by 95%
A unique matching service that links local factories with both customers and potential collaborators

Global Trends

"Influencers" from Taiwan introduce tourist spots in Ibaraki Prefecture