Japanese Whisky Market Continues to Mature
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Over the past few years, Japanese whisky has developed a global reputation. Popular whiskies have seen a steep increase in prices. Some bottles now sell at auction for sums that could rival vintage wines and rare works of art. Buyers with discerning tastes and thick pocket books can often be found searching through secondary market shops hoping to swipe up rare or trending whiskies for both local and foreign clientele. The major distilleries aren't the only ones who are making a name for themselves. Hoping to capitalize on Japan's new-found whisky fame, smaller craft distilleries are also popping up across the country. One maker even scoured the country until it found an ideal place to make its whisky - a region in the north of Japan that has a climate very similar to Scotland's Isle of Islay.

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The durian is a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia, but its popularity is soaring in China, where people have developed a taste for "the king of fruits" during trips abroad. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has teamed up with the Thai government to increase imports. In Thailand, the boom has created "durian millionaires," who can be spotted in luxury cars and mansions. But not everything is rosy, as farmers in Malaysia slash forests for new fields to meet the demand. We look into the growing Chinese appetite for the Southeast Asian fruit.

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Japanese whiskies are sold at marked up prices approaching US $700
Pot stills at the Akkeshi Distillery

Global Trends

Southeast Asian durians are wildly popular in China
Forests are slashed in Malaysia for new fields to meet the demand