Flying into the Future: A Drone Revolution
On-Site Report
Drones are no longer just a hobby or used for aerial photography. They are now being used in a wide range of fields ranging from logistics and agriculture to disaster relief. Until recently, Japan was lagging in this field, but is now moving to the forefront. A driving school that was suffering from a decline in students has started attracting new business by offering a course on flying and operating drones. Another company has incorporated advanced GPS technology into their drones in order to offer cutting-edge mapping capabilities at competitive prices. We also take a brief look at how the future of drone flight might take shape with a concept for a new "drone highway."

Global Trends
Could the day of the traditional office be over? The number of coworking spaces in Japan is rocketing. New York-based WeWork has taken the lead, opening 13 locations in just 1 year. We take a look at why both startups and large companies are moving in, and why they say business has never been better.