An Alcohol Renaissance in South Korea *RERUN
Young South Koreans are building breweries to make makgeolli, soju and other traditional alcohol. Hangang Brewery, established in 2018, sells a wildly popular makgeolli that uses 100% Seoul-grown rice with no sweeteners. One former owner-chef closed his restaurant to focus on brewing makgeolli, while four entrepreneurs launched an online business selling regional alcohol paired with labels designed by young artists. Traditional alcohol is no longer just a fun pastime, but a form of self-expression for the young people shaping a new culture.
This Seoul brewery uses only rice from the Seoul region to brew makgeolli
A specialist school that teaches traditional alcohol has seen an influx of aspiring young brewers
One couple even closed their popular restaurant to focus on brewing makgeolli
Young South Koreans are embracing a new drinking culture focused on traditional alcohol