The Rise in Young Chinese Street Vendors
With an unemployment rate of over 20% among people under age 25, mass layoffs in China have affected the careers of young people. In response, many have decided to take their futures into their own hands and open stalls as street vendors. Although they may earn less than before, they can work without fear of suddenly losing their jobs, and some see vending as a chance for networking or study in preparation for other work. In this episode, we gather along with the young people seeking out stability amidst an uncertain future.
900 stalls set up shop at Beijing's Pan Jia Yuan Market
After being laid off from the IT industry, Bu Yang achieves success as a street vendor
Japanese cuisine chef Zang Yuyang was laid off with seven months of unpaid wages
After losing her job, Xue Yu (left) has used tarot reading as a means to get closer to the work she had once dreamed of