Artistic Coexistence in Treasure Hill: Taiwan
Treasure Hill is a community and artist village run by the city of Taipei since 2010. Originally a settlement built by retired soldiers and immigrants, the buildings were deemed illegal and unsafe, and condemned to demolition. Twenty years of demonstrations and activism by locals persuaded the city to preserve the area, and it was turned into an "artist village" with studios and exhibition spaces. 22 artists from Taiwan and abroad live alongside ordinary residents. Meet the locals working hard to preserve the community's history.
The community once thrived with around 200 families. Today that number has dwindled to just 19, in addition to the artists-in-residence.
Community leader Chan's family has lived in the settlement for three generations.
Artist Lu became a permanent resident of Treasure Hill. He proactively engages with global visitors, such as Dutch curator-in-residence Sasha Dees.
20 years ago, Chan began holding bimonthly potlucks at which locals can get to know the artists-in-residence.