Cambodia's Hip-hop School for Children
In 2005, Cambodia's first alternative school, Tiny Toones, was opened in Phnom Penh. In addition to general subjects, it adds courses on rap and dance into the mix. It was founded by a Cambodian man raised in the United States, who discovered a new purpose imparting his unique knowledge to young people. Most of the students come from impoverished backgrounds, and some enroll after dropping out of the public school system, or fleeing a turbulent family life. The school even provides dormitories to students if needed. In this episode, we meet the staff and children who have created a new place to belong through their shared love of hip-hop.
The alternative school Tiny Toones provides an education to students who dropped out of the public school system
One of the students, Ra Sokheng, works late nights to help support his family
Classes on subjects such as rap appeal to the children's love of music, allowing them opportunities for self-expression