Victims of Leftover Unexploded Ordnance: Laos *RERUN
During the Vietnam War, Laos was bombed heavily by US military forces. An estimated 80 million unexploded bombs remained, leading to over 50,000 casualties in the decades since. The Laos government provides free treatment and rehabilitation to survivors, but many are unaware that this support exists. In 2019, a rural support NGO teamed up with the Laos Centre for Medical Rehabilitation. The NGO uses its network to help find survivors and bring them to the center, and accompanies doctors to rural villages to provide treatment and rehab. Discover how the survivors of these explosions are being supported in Laos.
Many victims of unexploded ordnance are unaware that they are eligible to receive support.
The US military dropped over two million tons of bombs on Laos — one ton of explosives for every person living in the country at the time.
NGO workers and doctors travel to remote villages to visit victims in rural areas.
Thevan lost his left hand and right eye to an unexploded bomb when he was seven. Five years later, he received his first ever prosthetic.