A Language Identity: Taiwan
Taiwanese was the language of everyday life in Taiwan until the KMT Party under Chiang Kai-shek came to power in 1949. Then martial law was enforced, the use of Taiwanese was banned, and Mandarin Chinese became the dominant language. Today, Taiwanese is spoken and read mostly by elderly people. But as concerns grow about the loss of linguistic heritage, and against a backdrop of political tension with the mainland, young people in particular are seeking to bring back Taiwanese. A social media star, young mothers and nature guides are among the people we meet who are reexamining their identity through the medium of the Taiwanese language.
At a time when mostly elderly people speak Taiwanese, efforts are being made to expose children to the language at a young age
Having fun in nature is an effective way to learn words in the Taiwanese language
AYO is a social media star who is sharing information about the Taiwanese language
A new manga has been produced to encourage young people to think about Taiwanese language and identity