Budding Entrepreneurs Turn a New Leaf: Bali, Indonesia *RERUN
The island of Bali, Indonesia suffered a massive blow to its tourism industry during the pandemic, and many were left unemployed. To get by, some people decided to use their cooking skills or management experience to set up their own businesses. Sendok Kreatif (The Creative Spoon) is a group of restaurant consultants, chefs and other experts who provide free guidance on product development and marketing. Their efforts have helped put some ten small firms on the map. As the future of the tourism industry remains cloudy, we follow the people turning to entrepreneurship to make ends meet.
Trash lies uncollected on one of Bali's famous resort beaches, once a tourist hotspot
This former restaurant worker launched her own food stall to provide for her family
A group of volunteers came together to give free guidance to newly unemployed locals looking to start their own small businesses
The group provides advice on package design and promotional marketing to help the budding entrepreneurs increase their sales