Struggling Elderly Migrant Workers: Xi'an, China
The Banpo Labor Market located in the city of Xi'an was once known as a prime location for recruiting laborers. Now, almost all those who gather to find work are in their 50s or 60s. But to prevent construction site accidents, some major cities are passing ordinances that forbid the employment of people 60 or older. Migrant workers who need to sustain themselves accept jobs out of contract, and disputes are frequent. In this episode, we meet the workers who once fueled China's economic growth, but are now being left in the dust.
A crowd of elderly workers gathers at the Banpo Labor Market in Xi'an
Coordinators recruit day laborers at the market
68-year-old Kang Genchang explains that he has been unable to find work for a month
Xu Shuting and her husband consult with a lawyer after nonpayment issues