Afghanistan: Will Peace Return? *RERUN
In August 2021, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan for the first time in twenty years. Many have become refugees both within and outside their country, while others feel more secure than they did under the previous government. Meanwhile, an extreme interpretation of Islam's teachings is closing doors on female education and threatening women's place in society. One member of Afghanistan's women's soccer team is seeking a way to leave the country in order to continue playing. Western nations have frozen Afghan assets, driving the country's economy to the brink, while the pandemic and droughts spark fears of a devastating famine. We visit the Afghan capital of Kabul one month after the Taliban's return to report on the ongoing turmoil.
Mina (alias) plays for Afghanistan's national women's soccer team. Facing threats from Taliban fundamentalists, she has been forced to flee the country.
This family of eight has fled across the border to Peshawar in neighboring Pakistan.
Economic turmoil has left many without money to buy food.
Nearly 6 million people seek refuge from the turmoil, including many refugees who have fled to Kabul from other parts of the country.