Shanghai's Migrant Opera: The Final Curtain *RERUN
Drastic redevelopment has changed the face of Shanghai's historic Hongkou district, but nestled in an alleyway lies a unique folk opera house that represents one of the last of its kind. The Huai Opera performed here, as well as actors, musicians and audience alike, originally hail from the rural Subei region of Jiangsu Province. Troupe leader Zhou Guixiang even provides on-site food and lodging for her aging performers and audience members, but when city authorities declare the building unsafe, residents are given just one month to leave the premises and find a new way of life.
Huai opera, an art form native to Subei, Jiangsu Province
Located in Shanghai's Hongkou district, the theater has survived decades of redevelopment
The theater's oldest resident Han has lived with troupe leader Zhou for three decades
Audience members, originally from Subei, socialize during an opera performance