A Pro-Democracy Newspaper Shuts Down: Hong Kong *RERUN
After 26 years, Hong Kong's biggest pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, closed in June 2021. The paper was dedicated to freedom of speech, including government criticism, and was so influential that reporters were barred from covering news in mainland China. The reason given for its shutdown was that it violated the National Security Law passed in June 2020. Founder Jimmy Lai and several executives had already been arrested. The 1997 handover from the UK to China guaranteed Hong Kong 50 years of autonomy under the "one country, two systems" principle. Instead, Hong Kong is undergoing major political changes. We meet the reporters who lost their jobs, and follow the new ways they are finding to examine their city's future.
Tears flow as the Apple Daily team applauds the completion of its final edition.
Shirley now works as a freelance journalist, talking to locals to uncover the hidden stories of past protests.
Another former city news journalist became a commercial photographer. He struggles with complex feelings as he continues to chronicle his city and its people.