Magic Mongolia: A Shelter for Children *RERUN
In settlements on the outskirts of Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, some 800,000 people - many day laborers from rural Mongolia and former nomads - live permanently in traditional ger tents. Most live in poverty, and crime and violence are an everyday affair. Cases of child neglect and abuse are common. NGO "Clang of the Hammer" aims to help such children, running shelter "Magic Mongolia" where counselors and social workers care for children around the clock. Meet the NGO's leader and his dedicated team.
Behind the NGO is Ganjavkhlan "Jackie" Chadraabal, who has worked to care for children in Mongolia since 2012
Less than half of the gers in the settlements around Ulaanbaatar have access to electricity, and there is no gas or running water
At the Magic Mongolia shelter, 25 counselors, social workers and doctors care for around 20 children around the clock
The NGO also operates a free kindergarten and adult education classes