Tokyo's Sustainable Fishermen
The waters of Tokyo Bay once teemed with life. But Japan's economic rise saw coastal areas reclaimed and water quality undermined, and catches soon plummeted. Today, fishermen are working hard to restore the region's environment and marine resources. Conger eel fishers use equipment that allow fry to escape, while others are farming oysters on tidal flats as an alternative to diminished seaweed and asari clam harvests. A group of 300 fishermen have imposed strict rules upon themselves in order to protect and grow the splendid alfonsino population. Meet the passionate people working to shape a more sustainable future.
Tokyo Bay and its surrounding waters are known for their bountiful marine resources
Saita Yoshiyuki uses a peculiar cylindrical tool to catch conger eels while protecting eel populations
Fishing union head Senshu Kiyoharu raises oysters using a method that relies on the tide, with the goal of supporting Tokyo Bay's fishermen
A group of fishermen in Chiba has followed strict self-imposed rules for over 50 years to grow local splendid alfonsino populations