Reforming the National Sport of Muay Thai: Thailand
Thailand's Muay Thai boxing is a powerful martial art in which fighters strike with their arms and legs. Gambling on the sport has been common, leading to corruption such as fixed bouts. To regain trust in the sport, the Royal Thai Army forbade gambling in the most prominent stadium, which it operates. Promoters attempt to generate interest through means such as music performances and women's matches, but along with fighters, they grapple with the prospect of holding the yearly stadium anniversary show while keeping gambling out of the ring.
Thailand's most prominent Muay Thai stadium, Lumpinee
Muay Thai is a Thai form of boxing in which fighters deal blows with their fists, feet, elbows and knees
Most of the spectators engage in gambling, and problems such as fixed bouts and violence are frequent
Promoters debate how to hold exciting matches without gambling