The Frontline of Food Delivery - South Korea *RERUN
In 2020, South Korea's food delivery industry turned over around 15 billion US dollars - 70% more than the year before. Around half of the country's population of 52 million people use at least one of more than a dozen local food delivery apps. App companies are trying everything they can to stand out from the competition, from speedy deliveries for customers who don't want to wait a second longer than necessary, to services that allow you to track your order's exact location in real time. One company is even employing delivery robots! Explore how South Korea's delivery services are evolving in the midst of the global pandemic.
Some delivery workers earn as much as double the salary of an average office worker at a small-to-medium-sized company
It's said that there is no dish that can't be delivered
One company is even employing a new kind of delivery worker