Muay Thai Daughters - Pride of the Family: Thailand *RERUN
The Looksaikongdin Gym sits on a canal in the Minburi district in the outskirts of Bangkok. The owner, Nopparit, is a devout Muslim who has taught his 14 children the art of Muay Thai fighting to improve their lives and keep them away from drugs. Five daughters have won Muay Thai championships and 4 sons have held boxing titles, earning national fame as the "Big Muay Thai Family." Aida (18) in the 51kg weight category and her sister Duangdawnoi (23) in the 48kg category continue fighting with the support of their family as uncertainty resulting from the pandemic threatens their plans for future fights.
Aida faces her toughest opponent yet at her first big event
Duangdawnoi struggles as her match continues to be postponed
The whole Muslim family rallies behind the 2 fighters