Disabled Citizens Seek Freedom of Movement: South Korea
South Korea holds the world's 10th highest GDP, and yet its welfare budget for disabled people is just 0.6% of this, less than one third the average of other OECD countries. In response, disabled citizens have taken to subway stations to demonstrate for their rights, especially freedom of movement. Less than 30% of South Korea's buses are wheelchair-accessible, and some of its stations lack elevators. This episode chronicles the country's disabled populace who rally for social change.
An Il-hwan has his head shaved in a demonstration demanding protection of rights for disabled people
Lee Yeong-ae attends a night school for disabled people, because in her youth no one would help her get an education
Subway demonstrations led by Park Kyung-seok's group have attracted both recognition and criticism
Hong Yun-hui's group raises understanding by allowing non-disabled people to experience use of a wheelchair