Vibrant Working Women: Hunza Valley, Pakistan
The Hunza Valley in northeastern Pakistan is a region of extraordinary beauty and serenity. Bibi Amina, one of Hunza's first female carpenters, first took up her tools here 13 years ago. Pakistan is a Muslim country, and many believe strongly in male superiority. It's considered shameful for a woman to work outside the home, and some men in Hunza could not accept a woman taking up a "man's job" like carpentry. Amina faced significant criticism, with some even calling for her work to be burned to the ground. But she has continued to work to make ends meet, earning recognition from her male peers. She is now part of a group of female carpenters, all striving for financial independence. Meet the extraordinary women of Hunza.
Bibi Amina took up carpentry 13 years ago to enable her younger brother to attend school after their father passed away
Amina's carpentry workshop employs around 40 women
The women of Hunza Valley have formed a mutual aid group to support one another financially