Vietnam: Fighting the Second Wave *RERUN
In July 2020, a second wave of COVID-19 hit the city of Da Nang, Vietnam. A team from Hanoi's Bach Mai hospital who survived lockdown in the first wave came to support their colleagues and share their expertise on preventing in-house infections. But with far fewer resources, staff and equipment, it's a tough battle. To prepare for the worst-case scenario, they transform a local sports stadium into a field hospital. Follow the hard work of the medical team as they fight a multi-front battle.
Bach Mai hospital's veteran nursing director gives instructions to an ICU nurse. The hastily assembled nursing team is an assortment of workers from different regions and departments.
A sports stadium was hastily transformed into a field hospital to deal with a worst-case scenario.
A hospital worker takes a brief rest in a rare moment of downtime during a month-long battle.