From Tourism to Farming *RERUN
Often called the "Island of gods," Bali in Indonesia has long drawn visitors from all over the world. But the tourism industry has suffered a massive blow from the coronavirus pandemic, with huge numbers unemployed. Many have been forced to return to rural villages and try their hand at farming to make ends meet. One mayor is working to revitalize agriculture and retain some of their newly returned residents. Another entrepreneur is designing an app to improve farmers' incomes. Explore how the people of Bali are using farming to overcome their economic dependence on tourism and make it through the pandemic.
The damage to the tourism industry is severe; even Bali's most popular beaches are deserted.
Mayor Dewa Komang Yudi Astara of Tembok village set up a vegetable farm for the newly unemployed.
One entrepreneur is developing an app to connect Bali's farmers and consumers directly.