Echoes of Musical Tradition: Mongolia *RERUN
The Altai mountains in western Mongolia are home to many folk music traditions. Although traditional Mongolian arts have been swept away by modernization in many regions, this area has carefully maintained them as part of a nomadic lifestyle. From the world-famous Khoomei throat singing to the ikhel, from which all Mongolian string instruments are said to have evolved, this region is a historic treasure trove of the musical arts. 12 years ago, a 1,300-year-old wooden instrument was discovered in a cave burial in the region, with markings that prove the long association between local nomads and music. Discover how locals are keeping ancient arts alive today and continuing to worship nature through song and music.
The foothills of the Altai Mountains are home to many Mongolian folk music traditions
Brothers Buyannemekh and Chingun practice Khoomei throat singing in the great plains of western Mongolia
The two-stringed ikhel is said to be the ancestor of all Mongolian string instruments