Dreaming of a Medal: Mongolia *RERUN
Mongolian marathon runner Munkhzaya Bayartsogt (26) is a rising star. She broke national records with her very first race at age 19 and has broken 9 more records and won countless international contests since. But the current pandemic has left her in dire straits, as funding from Mongolia's athletics federation has dropped to just 20% of its usual amount. She can't find anywhere to train, and she's even having trouble feeding herself, leading to malnutrition that is affecting her athletic condition. Yet with her family behind her, Munkhzaya continues to run.
Marathon runner Munkhzaya Bayartsogt, or Zaya, has broken the Mongolian record 10 times since her debut race at age 19
Training injuries are a constant concern for Zaya as she tries to maintain her condition in preparation for the delayed Tokyo Olympics
Zaya makes the most of the limited time she has with her son, Amidral