Homegrown Sustainable Forestry: Indonesia *RERUN
Indonesia has lost around 30% of its forest coverage in the last 50 years, in part due to illegal logging. Since 2004, environmental NGO Telapak has worked with rainforest residents to curb this destruction. Locals have set up cooperatives to manage, fell and sell their own trees as part of a community logging initiative, providing a stable income that's higher than what illegal logging can pay. There are now 10 cooperatives around Indonesia totaling 7,000 members. We visit a 1,500-strong cooperative in central Java to discover how local forestry initiatives are helping residents protect the environment and earn a living.
A community logging cooperative on the island of Java has over 1,500 members
Members that join a cooperative can make around 50% more on sales of their lumber
NGO Telapak founder Silverius Unggul is leading the initiative