Homegrown Cotton for a Homegrown Brand: Myanmar *RERUN
The ancient city of Bagan in central Myanmar was registered as a World Heritage Site in July 2019. The religious city is home to some 3,000 Buddhist pagodas and temples -- and now, a new clothing brand: "Cotton Bagan" is attracting attention from foreign visitors and local customers alike. 22-year-old Pyay Soe Hein founded the brand 2 years ago. The company uses locally grown cotton, woven, cut, and sewn by local artisans. He hopes to promote and encourage the country's textile industry by providing 100% Myanmar-made clothes. Discover how a young entrepreneur and his partners are making waves in this new market.
Cotton Bagan founder Pyay Soe Hein inspects the thread count and dyeing on one of his products
The ancient city of Bagan was once a center for Buddhist studies, and is home to some 3,000 pagodas and temples
The company plans to launch a line of skirts for the 2019 season