Coronavirus Crisis: Answering the Call - Thai Monks on the Frontline
COVID-19 rages around the world and Thailand is no exception. In recent weeks, infections have dropped below 10 new cases on most days, but people continue to lose jobs. An estimated 10 million will be unemployed if economic restrictions continue. To support the needy, monks at a temple near Bangkok are running a major food distribution program. This documentary follows their activities and the people they are helping, including the family of a taxi driver put out of work by the pandemic.
Kongkrit Banlang has lost his job. He and his wife must collect and sell plastic bottles to make ends meet
Monks prepare up to 1,000 meals a day for those in need
To prevent chaos at the temple, the parking area is used to ensure social distancing
Chief Priest Phrakhru Thammathorn Thitisak using his smartphone to livestream the temple's outreach activities