Guardians of Taiwan's Migrant Mothers
Over the past decade, Harmony Home, an NPO led by Nicole Yang, has offered refuge to more than 500 pregnant migrant workers and their children. The law in Taiwan prohibits employers from firing pregnant workers. Even so, fear of deportation leads many women to secretly give birth -- putting themselves and their babies in danger. Answering the call to help this vulnerable group of people, Harmony Home's support ranges from prenatal checkups to postnatal care. Yang has made it her mission to help raise and protect the children until their mothers can return to their homelands. In this episode, we follow the efforts of the NPO working in the shadows of Taiwanese society to help migrant mothers and their children.
New arrivals to Harmony Home are escorted to hospital for prenatal checkups
The majority of migrant workers employed in the nursing-care industry are Indonesian women
Infants enjoy the sun on the roof terrace of Harmony Home