A Virtuoso of Surrealistic Hand-Drawn Animation
Yamada Ryoji is an up-and-coming creator known for his edgy representations of contemporary society and internationally-acclaimed hand-drawn animation.
Yamada Ryoji
Yamada was born in 1987.

Major animated works
"HUNTER" (2017)
millennium parade "Philip" (2020)


This work depicts the paparazzi preying on gossip about famous athletes and actors. Yamada exaggerates and satirizes the ugly parts of humanity in various ways, such as having a violent boyfriend transform into a beast.


A music video that was created using pastels. Yamada implemented a technique known as metamorphosis, where images transform into different images, one after another. The animation perfectly syncs with the music.

millennium parade "Philip"

This narrative music video takes place in a world of dogs, where pets are the dominant force, and tells of the struggle between conservatives and liberals. The work makes use of the subtle visual techniques Yamada learned while studying abroad in Germany, and it was also the first time the creator worked with a team rather than entirely on his own.