Creating Visuals That Sneak into Our Hearts
Having just graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of DESIGN, Ai Nina is one of Japan's most exciting up-and-coming young creators. Her works are characterized by eccentric colors and striking visuals that stay with you long after watching the piece.
Ai Nina
Ai was born in 1997.

Major animated works
"alone" (2016)
Maison book girl "Yami Iro no Asa" (2019)
YOASOBI "Yoru Ni Kakeru" (2019)


This was the first work Ai made as a university student. Previously, she had only created for herself to deal with her feelings, so it was a great experience to have an audience view her work for the first time. This work helped Ai realize that her creations could express her emotions for her.

Maison book girl "Yami Iro no Asa"

A director from a record label who knew of Ai's work contacted her on social media with her first professional offer to create a music video. As we live in an age of information overload, she felt that formless, abstract expression would better resonate with viewers, which led to this work.

YOASOBI "Yoru Ni Kakeru"

A music video for YOASOBI, a music group that writes music based on novels, with a focus on treasuring the emotions of loving someone else. This work has become Ai's masterpiece, recording an unprecedented number of views on online video-sharing sites.