A Sci-Fi Animator Pushing the Boundaries of 3DCG *RERUN
Yokoshima Toshihisa is a creator who honed his skills at Kamikazedouga, the production company behind international hits like "Ninja Batman." Although he works in 3DCG, he maintains a hand-drawn feel through his use of lines and coloring. His detailed depiction of his characters and the science fiction settings have made him a highly acclaimed animator.
Yokoshima Toshihisa
Yokoshima was born in 1980.

Major animated works
"Amanatsu" (2009)
"gasolinemask 'SHOJI'" (2013)
"COCOLORS" (2018)
´Żą Excellence Award in the Animation Category at the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival

gasolinemask "SHOJI"

This piece is an animated depiction of the evolution of Japanese painting techniques. The different types of expression, from sumi-e and ukiyo-e to manga and 3DCG, unfolds out one after another like a picture scroll. Yokoshima succeeded in his goal to stylishly mix expression methods in 3DCG.


This original animated short takes place in a city in the near future and portrays a girl struggling with loneliness connecting with an AI robot. In this work, Yokoshima uses barely any dialogue and many long shots to express the fluctuation of the character's mind. He deliberately uses blank space to entice the audience's imagination.


An original, 45-minute-long animated work. Earth is taken over by harmful bacteria, forcing people to protect themselves with masks and protective gear. Since the characters wear masks, the audience can't see their facial expressions. Yokoshima focused on the detailed movements of the characters' hands to portray their individuality and emotional states.