An Expert of Heartwarming Children's Animation
Kinoshita Gaku is a solo creator who has worked on numerous children's animations that implement his soft and unique animation style. He studied animation at an art college in the UK and creates works that children can get lost in, making full use of hand-drawn and dynamic 3DCG animation. Active across many fields, including commercials, music videos and original works, Kinoshita's goal is to continue creating pieces that bring smiles to children's faces.
Kinoshita Gaku
Kinoshita was born in 1977.

Major animated works
"Sepia Clock" (2010)
´Żą Division II: "CG Animation Theater" Best works at ASIAGRAPH 2010 in Tokyo
"Fly to Heaven" (2018)
"Run! Puppy Run!" (2020)

Sepia Clock

This is an original work Kinoshita created after returning home from the UK. The theme was "the moment a child grows up mentally." Set in a watch repair shop, it tells the story of a father and daughter separating and the growth of the young girl.

Fly to Heaven

A music video for the artist Nanao Tavito. Kinoshita used the lyrics of the song to weave together his own story. He also used digital software to create images that looked like they were drawn with crayons on pieces of paper so that children could more easily connect with the work.

Run! Puppy Run!

Kinoshita's latest original work, which features the voices of his actual twin daughters. He observed their daily lives to find out what moments brought excitement and thrill to children and based this piece on his experience.