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Keisuke Matsumoto has a passionate online fan base thanks to his 2 ongoing web animated series. His works are known for their cute characters and comic dialogue, which is inspired by a Japanese two-person comedy routine known as Manzai.
Keisuke Matsumoto
Matsumoto was born in 1985.

Major animated works
"Commy of Yai-yai Forest" (2010 - 2013)
"Ponkotsu Quest: The Dark Lord and his Temp Minions" (2013 - Present)
"Well, Good Luck, Magical Girl Kurumi" (2017 - Present)

Well, Good Luck, Magical Girl Kurumi

This parody of the magical girl anime genre features a middle school girl who has the power to transform into a superhero and fight evil.

Commy of Yai-yai Forest

After graduating from college, Matsumoto spent his time producing this web anime instead of looking for a job. The show depicts the comical encounters between Commy, a rabbit, and his friends in Yai-yai Forest.

Ponkotsu Quest: The Dark Lord and his Temp Minions

This comedic anime, Matsumoto's most popular work, plays on tropes from Japanese roleplaying video games. It portrays the adventures and misadventures of Kaku and Imura, 2 low-ranking minions of a dark lord attempting to take over the world.